Kayak Special Deal

How to: 

  • Kayak long distances with ease?
  • Improve your balance under stress and difficult weather conditions?
  • Prevent injuries and speed up recovery?


The Alexander Technique is a psychophysical education method designed to improve the use of yourself. It is well known amongst musicians and performers, but also has scientific evidence in helping people with chronic back pain, balance, and reducing stress and depression. For me as a kayaker, it is an essential tool for endurance, balance and cool-headedness in stressful situations. 


Special deal for kayakers (valid until 2.6.2022)


2 x 45 minute AT private lessons (normal price 55€ / lesson) 

Material for home exercise

Hands-on guidance

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11 May
0:00 - 23:59
Studio ATA, Karel Doormanstraat 127
80 €