Many people come to the Alexander Technique because of wide variety of physical and mental pain and complaints.

The Alexander Technique is being used to help people with a wide range of physical and mental complaints. The common complaints that bring people to the AT are musculoskeletal pain like back, neck, shoulder and joint pains. Depression, panic attacks, anxiety, stress and burn out. To ask more about your specific condition and AT, please contact me by email, telephone or schedule a try out lesson. 

Even though the Alexander Technique has become famous for helping people with pain and complaints in it’s essence the technique is based on the ideas of prevention and increase of general well-being, rather than treating a complaint. The AT is also found helpful in pain management in chronic conditions. 

The AT principle is based on improving our general Use. The body and mind is a unit. The way how we use ourselves in every day life affects the structure and functioning of our body. The habitual way how we move; walk, sit, stand, breath, use computer or reach for a cup of tea, together with how we feel, think and react, forms the psychophysical ‘Use’ of oneself.

Our ‘Use’ is largely unconscious and habitual. Habits are an important part of our human behavior, however some of the habits we have can in time effect our health and well-being in a harmful way. 

The strength of the AT lies in becoming aware of and unlearning harmful habitual patterns and activating the natural support and reflex systems in the body to support us with ease and less muscular effort throughout our daily activities.