Strad, Sep 2019

Interview by Catherine Nelson

Peter Buckoke is a professor of double bass at London’s Royal College of Music, where he also oversees the Alexander technique department. He is also a founder member of the Schubert Ensemble.

When did you notice the first symptoms?
I started suffering when I went to music college, back in 1972. I must have been doing something really badly because I had headaches, neck pain and numbness in the left side of my face. I couldn’t play for more than 30 minutes at a time, and it even interfered with my vision – the lines and dots would start to move around on the page.

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Medical Xpress, 9 Sep 2019

by Len Canter, Healthday Reporter

The Alexander Technique has been used for more than 100 years to improve performance, posture and other body mechanics, yet it's arguably the least well known method for achieving these benefits.
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STAT, 8 Oct 2018
The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) is leading National Lie Down Day in an attempt to equip us with a century old technique which helps to manage stress.

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Backstage Experts, May 24 2018
Andrew Wood

There’s a reason the Alexander Technique is the only form of movement training that the Yale School of Drama requires its acting students to study for the full three years that they attend. 

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Backstage Experts, Now 29 2017
Belinda Mello

There’s a familiar phrase among actors that goes, “acting is reacting.” And while it’s true, it applies to much more than just acting. The truth is, we’re always reacting, even when we’re not on stage or in an audition.

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Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research, Sep 2017

by Omayeh Banoofatemeh, Hamid Reza Oreyzi, Parvin Baha doran 

The broad concept of maternal well-being includes psychological concepts, social aspects, and aspects of becoming a mother.

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Backstage Experts, 9 May 2017
Jessica Wolf

In this week’s instalment of Career Dispatches, Alexander Technique teacher Jessica Wolf recounts her experience coaching Dianne Wiest for Theatre For A New Audience’s rendition of Samuel Beckett’s “Happy Days.” 
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IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering, VOL. 25, NO. 4, April 2017

Proactive Selective Inhibition Targeted at the Neck Muscles: This Proximal Constraint Facilitates Learning and Regulates Global Control

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Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry,
Volume 54, Pages 143-149 (March 2017)


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(Senior February 24, 2017
Gina Roberts-Grey

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(Metrosource) January 25, 2017
Jeffrey James Keyes

The Alexander Technique is a practice — originally used by actors to addresses chronic ailments — that just may help you to stop stressing yourself out.

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Goodreads, August 28, 2016
Claire Rechnitzer, review

“Taking time is as important as saying please and thank you – constant parental reminders are needed for the ‘magic words’ to become a habit” says Sue Holladay in her new book Playing with Posture; Positive Child Development using the Alexander Technique.

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(The Strad, Improve Your Playing) February 6, 2016
Gina Roberts-Grey

Dr Tomas Cotik gives an introduction to the method and demonstrates techniques and exercises

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Abc News, Health, Jan 19 2016
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(The Sunday Telegraph) December 19, 2015
Jonathon Moran, Chief Entertainment Writer

JOHN Cleese has a simple ritual he carries out before going on stage.

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(Harvard Health Publications) November 23, 2015
Eva Selhub MD, Contributing Editor

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(Reuters Health) - November 2, 2015
Kathryn Doyle

Acupuncture sessions and Alexander Technique lessons both seem to improve the symptoms of chronic neck pain after one year, according to a new study. 

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(The Strad, Improve Your playing) February 19, 2015
Interview by Catherine Nelson, photo: Amanda Weideman Seveno

The Royal College of Music professor found a solution in Alexander technique.

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HuffPost, Healthy Living 8 Jul 2014

Amanda L. Chan

If you’re not a performer, you may not be all too familiar with the Alexander Technique. It’s taught at Juilliard and other famed performing arts schools, as well as privately to opera singers and Broadway performers. 

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